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Bigshitbob, Mar 26, 11 4:42 AM.
Alright everyone. Im going to start checking who is down to raid and who just wants to chill. Either way you're good so no worries. I just want to know some things. We have tanks who will do heroics for anyone anytime. Just ask. Want to get raids going soon! So everyone wanting to run heroics for gear, just ask in guild. Vent gets lonely sometimes, so join us and chat! We don't bite...too hard. :) Thanks for reading if you did!


Steady does it.

Apepisis, Mar 20, 11 8:50 PM.
As we work towards building the guild up several things are now starting to fall into place. We now have an outline of our core 10 man and seek to expand on this. We are also working towards continuing our guild progression to make leveling/buffing and crafting simple and easy for all our members between 80 and 85. Our permissions have been re-worked and the forums and website are finally starting to get a use on them by way of rules posted in the forums and new updates on the website. The ventrilo server is live and all members are welcome to use it. Details of which can be found in game (By pressing the J button to bring up the guild panel and clicking on the Info tab) and on the website in the top left hand corner of the home page.

We hope everyone enjoys their time with us and in the near future we get some guild raids in progress to further expand our growing community.

Guild Bank update

Apepisis, Mar 12, 11 1:34 PM.
Recently we have updated the permissions on the guild bank to where more tabs can be seen and more stacks can be withdrawn from each tab. A certain amount of etiquette is expected to be applied when using the Guildbank. As we state in our recruitment messages both the Netherweave bags and repairs (at the cost of the guild bank) are free. The rest of the contents (mats/reagents/recipes and such forth) are for USE not sale... This means that if you withdraw an item (or stack of) it is expected to be for a professional reason (such as mats to level your professions or recipes to learn more things in professions or pots to help buff you so you can level) - Now this is all good and well but there is not an endless supply here and this is where our members come in.

If you use mats/pots/recipes we hope you'd also deposit mats/pots/recipes for future members/ Alts to use in it's place. People seen contributing to the guild bank with useful items (such as metals/ cloths/ elements or D/E mats/ recipes they no longer need or cannot use) will be promoted through the chain of command much quicker than those who take and never give or don't interact at all.

If anyone is caught or deemed to be using or taking advantage of the Guildbank in a manner that is unacceptable they will either be demoted or (dependant on rank) removed completely from the guild. Our officers and founders have spent/forfeit thousands of gold placing items inside the guild bank that can help ALL our members out over the course of their leveling experience in World of Warcraft, we simply ask our members (new and old) return the favor or pay it forward.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Apepisis, Mar 12, 11 1:10 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Game News
Deathfire is a level 8 guild based on the PvP server Arthas of World of Warcraft. Currently in the process of building up our core raiding group we are an ensemble of mature players who are both dedicated and casual. Seeking to recruit more members into our fold we currently offer all item repairs free (at the expense of the guild bank), 16 slot Netherweave bags as required and a Ventrilo server for those interested in talking rather than typing all the time. In game perks include 10% Mount Speed increase, 10% Exp gain increase and 5% Reputation gain increase... We are seeking out like minded individuals to add to and build upon our guild. Whether you're level 1 or level 85 Doesn't matter. Casual players are just as welcome as hardcore dedicated individuals more than anything a great sense of humor as well as sense of fun would be wonderful additions to our already bubbling assembly.

If you're looking for a fun guild/dedicated guild drop us a line because we want you!
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